She was just here a minute ago…

Dear readers — Yes, I am still on sabbatical from the blog, finishing up my book project.

I did come out of my hollow log long enough to write a book review for The Seattle Times:

It’s a difficult time for bookworms. We fear the next generation will have to visit interactive museum exhibits to turn pages of an actual, physical book. (Yes, it’s true our worries tend to recede while we’re waiting for the Kindle to download, but we do worry.) “The Swerve: How the World Became Modern” (W.W. Norton, 263 pp., $26.95), by Harvard professor Stephen Greenblatt, is especially well-timed for our neo-biblio age. Among its many teachings, this book assures us that dramatic change in manuscript-delivery systems need not erode the power of the words…

For the rest of it, click here.






3 thoughts on “She was just here a minute ago…

  1. I hope your book project is going well. Kudos on retiring the blog for a while! I may have to do that eventually.

  2. Thanks — Greenblatt and I don’t always agree about Shakespeare (like he cares …) but I just bought this. xx

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