I am a former daily newspaper journalist with one of those resumes that indicates a short attention span and employment during a time when switching jobs and newsrooms was just what you did, and could afford to do, because there was always another, better job ahead.  I grew up working for my mother’s small weekly in Massachusetts, then moved to papers in New Hampshire and, ultimately, to Seattle. I had the good fortune to be a writer and an editor for The Seattle Times until 2003, when I decamped to Portland, Oregon, and the life of a freelancer. Here I founded Rich Litho Media which provides writing/editing/publishing services to authors and small businesses. I still get to write book reviews for The Seattle Times and other publications.

(Big Fat Caveat: My opinions are mine, all mine. The clients who pay me to write and edit for them have nothing to do with this little fling with words known as Type Like The Wind. So, leave them out of it.)

Type Like The Wind is about reading, writing and more reading. I also blog about religion, art, sports, organized religion, odd behavior, irritating corporate practices, animals I meet, and other things that catch my attention. Like most journalists, I know in my heart that I have excellent news judgment, and that what arrests me is indeed fascinating to others.

Whenever possible, relevant authors, reporters and publication sources are credited on this blog.

If I drop the ball or you have questions, suggestions, criticisms or praise, please email me at Kimberly@typelikethewind.com

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